10 black people shot in Chicago

Thursday evening. 2 dead.

No one is worried about Black on Black violence though. Nowhere near the outcry as that of the shooter in Buffalo.

Why is that? Why does race matter only when it is a white perpetrator, but when it is a black shooter no one is surprised….why do they try to hide the race then? (BTW, the shooter had 3 aggravated “with a gun” crimes already, but was out on the street because “justice”)

Why is it that they scream so loudly when a white person commits a crime of violence, but are nearly silent when it is a black person….or is it just expected by the Liberals that Black people will commit more crimes?

I mean, black people kill more back people than white people do….

2 thoughts on “10 black people shot in Chicago

  1. The point is that, whatever happens, in Chicago, they will still vote Democratic.

  2. In Hicky and Boggs, a 1972 Culp/Cosby action movie, Frank Boggs (Culp) states “I need a bigger gun” after failing to Dirty Harry the miscreants with a Model 29.

    I’ve thought that a similar philosphy should be presented to America’s High Crime zip codes: replace the high-cap pocket nines with red dot equipped 45s and 44s, and provide a weekend of intense marksmanship training, sort of an Appleseed for the ghetto set.

    The local culture, and government, both being what they are and equally intractable, means shootings aren’t going to stop, so it would make sense to more tightly focus the carnage. Instead of the usual “spray and pray” mag dump which often negatively affects innocent bystanders and random real estate properties, one or two well-aimed large caliber projectiles could satisfy the need for Neighborhood Social Cleansing at a lower cost, both in ammunition and inadvertent spectator casualties.

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