When they start paying like citizens then we can talk:

So the Supreme Court upheld that the US can treat Puerto Rico (a protectorate) differently than the States….at least as far as government handouts like Social Security and SSI are concerned.

Puerto Rico folks don’t pay Federal Income taxes, nor do they get representation in Congress…because they aren’t a state. They have benefitted greatly from being a protectorate of the US…no military costs, no taxes, lots of aid in Natural disasters, etc.

Now they want SSI for their people, despite not having contributed to the pool. They have NEVER anted-up to the table, being instead a drain on US taxpayers.

Are the citizens of Puerto Rico willing to do what the rest of us do in order to reap the benefits? If so, we can talk. If not, then shut up. Were it up to me, they’d be cut loose to mire in their own corruption and lawlessness.

Liberals are, of course, outraged. And it would seem that most who oppose this ruling are from or related to people who are from, Puerto Rico. Odd that. In fact, in advocating for free stuff for Puerto Rico, they are in fact, violating their oaths and bringing their loyalty to their country, the on who elected them. Race over Country is a thing amongst (Many) Hispanics, innit?


3 thoughts on “When they start paying like citizens then we can talk:

  1. we really should cut the cord and let them drift all on their own. sink or swim.

    • My knee-jerk reaction would be to agree. Then I realized I know nothing about the place. IDK if there is a tactical, strategic reason to accept being obliged to protect them.
      Either way, No social security benefits for people who did not pay in.

  2. I dealt with the arrogance and anger of Puerto Ricans when I was stationed in Miami. The thought they owned the place. No, I say cut ’em loose…

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