A new personal record:

Landing on a 5000 ft runway, orientation 18/36 with a 220 wind at 26 gusting 36.

I gotta say it was challenging. But the plane is still usable and it was, if not a greaser, not all that bad a landing.  Wasn’t my best though. On centerline too. The approach was at about a 45 degree crab.

There were no good choices though, so I did it. Beat the storm in and put the plane away.

It was a challenge, and I almost went around just at the flare. Differential thrust is a good thing to have.

3 thoughts on “A new personal record:

  1. Nicely done. But there is nothing wrong with a go around either…

  2. It was a great landing, especially considering a wicked crosswind and had plenty of runway to work with if needed. We got in well before the storms came through, which was the plan.

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