I could get behind

The new “Billionaire Tax” that Biden wants to implement…


If he can figure out (and show) how taxing income that hasn’t happened yet is legal, and Constitutional. How exactly do you tax investments that are not yet sold and have not yet made the investor any money?

If he can show me (and I mean IRONCLAD Guarantee) that the Democrats (and, let’s face it, the current crop of RINOS) won’t simply spend it on some pet cause and leave us in the same ever increasing deficit mess we are currently in.

If he and his folks can explain how if that unrealized Capitol Gain that is taxed yearly will be refunded (with interest!) should that paper gain later become a paper LOSS if the stock that is taxed drops in value. (Nevermind any losses due to inflation).

His idea is poorly thought out, misnamed a “Billionaire” tax (’cause who doesn’t wanna see those super rich bastards get taxed more, amirite?) and if he would just stop using the term “Fair Share”. Fer chrissake, those people pay a far greater share of taxes per person than Joe or Jane Average.

Instead of raising taxes, perhaps stop spending money you don’t have.,,,, Reducing inflation would do more to help the average working stiff than all the taxes on the “Rich”.

And, remember, with the DNC types, the definition of “Rich” and “Wealthy” changes as they need more tax revenue. in a year or so, it will be down to those who make $200,000 a year….then $100K, the anyone who makes a wage that is grater than their ever moving poverty line.

4 thoughts on “I could get behind

  1. I am having doubts the Republic will survive . The out of control spending has been enabled by both political parties and it appears to me the end of this grand experiment in Liberty is upon us . I have always avoided the doom porn purveyors but they have mostly been proven right .

  2. And what happens when it’s OUR 401k or investments/bank accounts that they come after for the ‘projected’ worth?

  3. The last paragraph; that’s the California method, and the state legislature does it all the time. Hide your wallets, folks. This is gonna SUCK!

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