But will they also have to pay for the Mueller investigation?

So the Federal Election Commission fines the Clinton Campaign for their outright lies as to how they spent their money paying for the creation of the “Steele Dossier”….In other words, paying Fusion GPS to make up a bunch of lies about Trump.

The campaign chose to label the expenditures for the lies and the report as “legal advice and services” rather than “Make Up Dirt on our Opponent”. and got fined $113,000 for it…which is less than a rounding error in their finances and was, of course, really paid for by donors…No one in the Clinton campaign was in any way personally penalized for their lying…no individual person or persons went to jail or had to fork over their own personal cash for their malfeasance.

Will the Federal Government require them to pay for all the money spent investigating the claims in the fictional (but paid for by the DNC and Hillary campaign) Steele Report? How many millions of dollars were spent investigating a bunch of lies? Lies that the DNC and Hillary’s folks KNEW were lies, but allowed Mueller to investigate anyway….Shouldn’t the DNC folks pay for that cost?

The sad part is that lots of folks, (mostly rabid DNC supporters….. like some bloggers that used to be linked here),,, still believe the lies put forth by, and paid for by  the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Of course, many of these folks cannot tell the difference between News and Op-Ed, or even between News and Steven Colbert’s entertainment program (never forget that lots of them thought that Sarah Palin said “I can se Russia from my house!” as portrayed by Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live…they couldn’t tell the difference between comedy and real life)