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Canceling Keystone XL May Have Been Biden’s Biggest Blunder.


The author points out that the cancellation would not have affected the current price of gasoline, but does point out that the entire attitude of the Biden administration has contributed to the decrease in supply. The political blunder may well lead to the unseating of the DNC led government…(assuming the RNC boys and girls can come up with a viable candidate rather than the losers they’ve offered in the recent past).


Joe average sees $4+ gas and doesn’t care about the nuances. He sees a policy that is opposed to a ready and steady (and secure) supply of oil…..and all he really cares is how much of his paycheck goes into the tank each week.

2 thoughts on “Ya think?

  1. The question as to the “Biggest Blunder” when it comes to Joe Biden is going to be hard to choose form an impressively long and distinguished list of blunders, and he’s not even made it to the midterms yet.

  2. Cancelling the Keystone pipeline was not a blunder. It was intentional and has done exactly what it was designed to do, make us poor and dependent. Just like Obama said many years ago, they believe that the world is better off if the USA was weaker. They are doing everything they can to make it happen, and they do not care how many they have to kill to achieve it.

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