Let them eat

Cake Electric cars


Sorry gas is high, and energy costs are rising…..You should buy an electric car…..take mass transit.

No mass transit here, and most electric cars don’t cover the range needs I have….especially in the winter.

and if I needed to recharge it, there simply aren’t that may fast chargers.

Shows how disconnected our “leadership” is from the rest of the country.

3 thoughts on “Let them eat

  1. I have a Chevy Volt. I got a letter from Edison saying it was raising my rates as it pursued “green” energy. My electric bill for February 2022 was over $100.00 higher than for the same period last year… I had my electric car last year too… I called Edison, who promptly blamed my electric car for the increase… not the DOUBLING of the super off-peak rate it eliminated with its new “green” pricing.

    “…Going green” = “Green going…”

  2. The price of an ordinary new electromobile would get you somewhere around roughly 10,000 gallons of gasoline at current prices.

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