Only an American Leftist

Can claim with a straight face (some of them honestly) that there is no proof that the Clinton Foundation has not funneled money to supporters of the Clintons…

That there is no evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 elections…

That there is no evidence that Joe Biden’s son (and Joe himself as well as Hillary Clinton) was influenced by, and paid bribes, by Russian and Ukrainian businessmen…

But that Trump was a puppet of Vladmir Putin. (More like Joe is, but I digress)

And he is the reason for the Jan 6 Riot “Insurrection”.

And our US economy is much better under Slow Joe and the Ho than it was under Trump.



2 thoughts on “Only an American Leftist

  1. If we could trust a poll, A poll of Approval of Biden, that poll would tell us what percentage of Americans are too stupid to drive.

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