Go Fund Me can kiss my ass


They sent me the below email.


How to help the people of Ukraine
As Russia invades Ukraine, GoFundMe is committed to helping the individuals and families seeking shelter, security, and peace. We’re taking proactive measures to protect the GoFundMe community while also helping people support Ukrainians in need. Every fundraiser on this dedicated page has been reviewed to make sure that your donations are safely delivered to the correct recipients.

Donate to a verified individual fundraiser, or make a donation to GoFundMe.org’s trusted Ukraine Humanitarian Fund to help provide food and shelter, fund medical services, and cover other emergency relief costs.

Then there is this statement at the bottom of the email:

The GoFundMe Guarantee. Protecting your generosity is our top priority: our team of specialists work night and day to make sure that funds get to the intended recipient, every time. In the rare case that something isn’t right, our Guarantee ensures that donations and donors are protected.


My reply:


Fuck You.
I will NEVER donate through GoFundMe ever again after your stupid decisions regarding the Canadian Trucker Protest. The attempt to divert funds for a cause you did not feel was acceptable, although a peaceful protest was inexcusable. The social engineering games you played and the fact that your first try was to divert those funds to a charity that YOU felt was acceptable without input from the people donating was effectively theft.
I will never donate a single cent through your company ever again.
I look forward to the day you go out of business and your competitors dance on the husk of your once thriving company.

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