“They got what they ordered”

Kamala Harris said the Democratic voters “Got what they ordered” and that the DNC should stand proud of their accomplishments before the midterms.

‘Our task is to show people that, in many ways, they got what they ordered,’ the vice president said Saturday
While much of Biden’s planned agenda has failed at the steps of Congress the party is touting the American Rescue Plan and the bipartisan infrastructure bill
‘A lot of what they demanded they got and so let’s get out there as we do and remind them…because we know that they will show up again,‘ Harris said

Yep, she’s right. Anyone who bothers to look at recent DNC history should know that every time a Democrat is president (especially when there is a DNC majority in Congress) we get higher energy prices, runaway inflation, less national security, more regulation, less freedoms and a higher cost of living. Carter, Clinton, Barry the O and now Biden.

The American voters (less the Margin of Fraud and Midnight (Found) Votes) got exactly what they voted for. Enough of them, anyway, that adding a few suitcases full of fraudulent votes in the right precincts and a few votes by dead people could sway the election.

Sadly, she is also correct that the DNC voters will show up again to vote for her side. Blacks and Hispanics as well, even though they are always at the bottom of the Democrats list and the DNC policies always hurt them the worst and early.




4 thoughts on ““They got what they ordered”

  1. You’re correct about energy prices, inflation etc. But no matter who we vote for, we get more laws, more regulation and less actual freedom.

    I think we’re way past the point where voting can actually fix anything. It just slows down the steamroller.

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