What is it about “Woke” corporations?

So DuckDuckGo decided that I am not able to determine what is “Disinformation”. Huh. Not like I’ve been determining who is lying to me for most of my adult life. Not like I;’ve been able to determine what internet sites, what newspapers, what TV news organizations or what political party is lying to me.

I’m old enough to remember when the only on-ramp to the internet for most people was via a college log-in and when most web pages were text-based. There have been disinformation sites since those dark ages, and ther likely always will be.

I don’t need a web browser company to tell me what is RightSpeak and what is WrongSpeak. I don’t trust any of the media anymore, nor do I trust the folks at Microsoft nor Goggle to tell what I should believe. Now I can’t trust DuckDuckGo, either. Apparently they think I can’t make my own determination….and that they want me to trust them to do the filtering for me. Yeah, that is like letting Snopes tell me what is truth.

How can I trust that they too won’t be biased like Google?

So, currently using Brave with Ecosia (not Duck Duck go on Chrome anymore) as the bowser, but am open to suggestions for a browser that thinks that I am intelligent enough to smell bullshit when I step in it. I am, after all, not a Leftist Millennial who can be easilyh led.

1 thought on “What is it about “Woke” corporations?

  1. I’ve been noticing for weeks- if not months that DDG was starting to downgrade conservative content.
    It got so bad in the last week, or two that I dumped them for StartpageDOTcom.

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