So they pretty much lied to the American People to get Slow Jow and his HO elected

(And even that didn’t work, so they had to do some “tweaking” of the votes too…)

But they tried to limit the damage from Hunter Biden and his emails…They called it “Russian Disinformation” even though they had no idea one way or the other. 


And then the Media took charge and told us that it was “Russian Disinformation” One could be led to believe that someone was telling the media what (and how) to report on the laptop story

CBS/NBC/MSNBC/ABC/CNN/etc all had the same story with even the same words. The Laptop story wasn’t “Russian Disinformation” but rather “DNC disinformation”, happily and eagerly spread by the complicit and willing Left Wing sympathetic press. Joe himself claimed that the story was “Russian Disinformation”….He lied to the American people before the election. 

They LIED to the American People to get their guy elected. They LIED to hide or discredit valid evidence of the malfeasance and shady dealings of not only Joe Biden’s son Hunter, but of the influence peddling of Joe himself. Twitter BANNED the New York Post for daring to publish the truth, as did Facebook, in an attempt to minimize the damage…

Plus the leftist print media like the NYT who were complicit in the sane attempt to discredit the Biden Laptop story. These folks (and the organizations they report for)should lose their credentials. They are no longer News media, but Propaganda machines.

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  1. Preamble to cheating.
    What we need is a good old fashioned French Revolution, and they can get their fucking cake shoved down their collective throats.

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