And after that….another “Variant”

Bet on it.

As soon as things settle (one way or the other) in Ukraine, there will be yet another “variant” of the Wu-Flu….so the folks running Joe Biden can blame something other than the Liberal policies for the disaster they are making…


And the Liberal half of the population (and many of the rest) will buy the story and, sheep-like, follow blindly and believe what they are told…..

4 thoughts on “And after that….another “Variant”

  1. I’m pretty much done with their bullshit either way. My focus is on the coming financial collapse and food supplies.
    In my opinion that’s the 800 pound Gorilla in the room.

  2. The point is the midterms are coming and it is our only hope to slow this bull shizit down.

  3. Of course they will, and the rest of us will ignore it… again

  4. I hit my 70’s and quit giving a fook but they are starting to destroy with such wild abandon I may have to get back into the game . I’d at least like to leave something for my grand kids that wasn’t radioactive and smoking .

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