Huh: The New York Times has suddenly discovered

That Hunter Biden is a scumbag….And that the Laptop of Hunter’s that they did their best to ignore is actually a thing.¬†(possibly paywalled)

Wow, I wonder what this means. They’ve done their best to ignore the news that the rest of us already knew…..I mean, if it makes the Democrats or Joe Biden look bad, they just can’t seem to be bothered to cover it…..This is big. If the NYT is covering the Biden laptop story, it must mean that they are gonna do their best to torpedo Slow Joe….Kamala? Or Hillary in 2024?


ETA 8:15Am 3/18 2022: It is kinda fun watching the hard-left folks who told us that the NY Times (and the other hard-left Media) ignored the story or discounted it because it was “Russian Disinformation” trying to backtrack¬† now, and explain how there was no attempt at manipulating the information before the election……

3 thoughts on “Huh: The New York Times has suddenly discovered

  1. either the nyt is about to get hit with a mega lawsuit or its a controlled release. there is likely something on there that would result in heads rolling, but if they can release a bit of hunter’s dirt to distract us the real revelations will never be noticed. typical watch this hand, while the other hand hides the rabbit sort of thing. that, or soros says its time for brandon to go, he has served his purpose. i guess he said no to the no-fly zone so they need to put kamelface in to get the nukes flying. lord help us, or at least make them accurate, amen.

  2. They’re revealing it now in 2022 as it is less damaging now, so that by 2024 they can say it is old news, nothing to report, we already covered it and siad it was real years ago, let’s move on, it’s not worthy of mentioning now.

    Very standard Democratic tactic – obfuscate, deny it is real, attack proponents of the information as Russian stooges, maintain denial, and keep denying and not giving coverage when that coverage could actually sway an election.

    Then later admit it is real at a convenient time when it will do the least amount of harm to their side and then blissfully ignore it moving forward and say with a straight face that they already reported on it and it’s old news now, nothing to see here.

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