Groups of Black People

Quite often result in someone shooting into a crowd. Not all groups, by any means, but many.

Happens in Chicago nearly every weekend…..often at a party. Or a nightclub…Someone wants to settle a score, and shoots at his rival…often into a crowd. Sprays bullets around and shoots innocents. Or even on crowded streets.  Then again later in the week at a funeral, when some character takes another opportunity to settle a grudge.

It also happens at car shows for youth in Arkansas. In broad daylight

And, like Chicago, the shooters don’t care who they hit (or the simply cannot be bothered to aim) and people simply there for a good time are shot and killed.

What is it about a culture where it is acceptable to shoot into a crowd of innocents to settle a grudge? This isn’t a bunch of Amish yoots. Random shooting into crowds to settle a gang issue is almost exclusively a black thing. Why is that acceptable in that culture?

(Not so say that other cultures don’t have issues, mind you, but there is often violence when groups of black people gather). Why is that?

One thought on “Groups of Black People

  1. I used to have all the answers for that. Average black IQ is 85, which translates into impulsive behaviour, violence and other nasty stuff. It’s all plausible on a scientific level.

    But then… how is it white women will ‘fight’ for the right to kill their own babies? Or make war on their families in divorce court? Or white men will stand for it? White men on average, are at least one standard deviation above blacks when it comes to IQ, and our families are coming apart the same as theirs are, and our kids are increasingly getting into the same kind of trouble.

    Instilling some kind of sensible values might be the way to go to prevent these kinds of behaviour problems…

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