Quality has a quality all it’s own.

It is said that Joseph Stalin once stated: “Quantity has a quality all it’s own” ….meaning that large numbers of less well trained and/or equipped fighters can be an effective, if inefficient, fighting force, often able to overwhelm, if not outfight, a better trained or equipped one.

We are seeing the opposite today, in that the Ukrainian army is, if not winning against, is at least acquitting itself well against the Russian army…..which appears to be larger, but not as well trained, nor as well led…..They may well have MORE people, but the Russians do not appear to be winning as well as they should. Poor leadership, unmotivated troops, poorly maintained equipment, poor logistics…..poor performance.

Of course, the Ukrainans are fighting for their homeland, so better motivation may well play a very large part.

Indeed, it would appear that in today’s world, better training, properly maintained equipment (and a decent logistics plan) will win the day….as opposed to a largely untrained army with corrupt and inept commanders.


11 thoughts on “Quality has a quality all it’s own.

  1. ‘Worked for us against Britain a long while back…

  2. So where are you getting your news about how the Russians/Ukranians? From the same sources that lied about Russian collusion, Hunter’s laptop, election results, Covid?

    • I get lots of sources. I surely don’t depend on the MSM. Most of my sources are much less biased than the Mainstream Media, and generally tell the truth.
      Are you telling me I have bad info? If so, please be specific and detailed.

      Or are you just snarking from cover?

      • Not snarking and not telling you anything. Just asking about your sources. Whoever your “lots of sources” are, they sure seem to match the MSM’s take on things.
        You sure got defensive in a hurry. Just looking for a little honesty buddy. Doesn’t look like I’m gonna get it here.

        • So where am I wrong? You seem to be like most Leftists: Long on criticism but Short on details.
          In this instance, the one I was discussing, Ukraine has done well against a much larger force. Do you have any info to the contrary? If so, I’d love to see it. But you have not given any details, so one would assume that you have none.

          If you read this blog regularly, you’d see that I often question the story put forth by the MSM. Of course, I provide details and links, not just snark and idiocy.
          Feel free to use this forum to provide *details* as to where the statement I made is wrong.
          Or are you gonna use the Leftist tactic of just sowing doubt with vague statements or questions?

          The floor is yours to demonstrate that my sources are incorrect.

  3. I didn’t say you were wrong. I asked a legitimate question about your sources for your assertions that: “the Russians do not appear to be winning as well as they should. Poor leadership, unmotivated troops, poorly maintained equipment, poor logistics…..poor performance.” I simply want to know whether that is true and what sources you relied upon for this information. (And no, you didn’t provide links.)

    I am trying to get accurate information about this conflict and am suspicious about information that coincides precisely with what the lying MSM is reporting. I am also asking pointed questions to more pro-Russia posters such as some on Unz.com.

    I have read your blog daily for some time and generally agree with your positions. It bothers me that you became so defensive over what I view as a fair question. I have not been vulgar, called names or cast any aspersions.

    In an honest discussion, the person who makes assertions has the burden of proving them or of providing sources for their accuracy. It’s not my responsibility to prove your sources are incorrect. I don’t even know who they are.

    I understand that this is your blog and you have the final say on what it contains and how you allow questions and/or dissent. It doesn’t look like we are going to be able to agree about the issue at hand, so I’ll move on. I’ll miss some of your content. I sincerely wish you the best in this and all your other endeavors.

  4. Maybe watch some videos by Gonzalo Lira on YouTube. He is naturalized American (born in Chile), married to Ukrainian woman and living in Kharkiv. He can report on what he sees and has a very poor opinion of Zelensky.

  5. “has a very poor opinion of Zelensky”

    As do I.
    The Army, however, has acquitted itself well.

  6. i don’t know if the ua is acquitting itself well against the ra or the ra is shooting itself in the foot. either way, putin isn’t having a vodka on the dneiper like i and everyone else thought he would by now. as to quantity, ukraine fielded about 200k regular troops plus several hundred k of reserves, not to mention militia. putin fielded about 200k ifyou believe reports, and then only committed at most 130k to the battle. he brought in chechens and georgians and mercenaries to boost his count at that. he has stripped the rest of russia as much as he dares. putin fell for the rhetoric his advisors gave him, that ukraine would welcome his troops. when attacking defending troops you need 3 to 1 odds. defending cities 10 to 1, defending homeland 100 to 1. putin took less than 1 to 1. so once again quantity has quality….now his options are limited. hunker down and negotiate, keep pushing and get defeated, or flatten everything and claim victory. that is, unless our potato in chief pushes him into the nuclear option. frankly, i think that was the plan all along.

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