I gotta start some sort of movement

Like BLM or the other Black Lives stuff…Call it “Crackers for Peace” or “Pale Folks for Decency ” or something.  Gotta find a name that rings with the Liberals so they will donate….Maybe “Decent Folks Care”…. Something that contracts like FJB or LGB,,,

I mean, I could use the money….I got guns to feed and a plane to fuel….

Boston BLM activist charged with…..(you can guess if you bother to try)

I wonder how low a percentage of the BLM donations actually went to something that might have actually helped the Black Cause rather than enriching everyone in the chain of BLM organizations. I mean, they took in MILLIONS, yet they can’t fix the issue of culture and crime with just money. ….But they sure can live high while the money lasts, can’t they?

I would like to believe that somewhere in the BLM movement there are decent people trying to Do the Right Thing, but more and more it looks like it was just a license to steal. …from their own “people”.


7 thoughts on “I gotta start some sort of movement

  1. And the ones that weren’t as good at theft as the others, are now trying to sue the ones that got the majority of the money…LOL

  2. I’m gonna take a s.w.a.g. and surmise that they gave out a tad bit more aid than the ccc (clinton crime carte;) did but maybe not since they haven’t had the decades of experience yet.

  3. Rational Adults For Truth And Reality

    Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but could be worse.

    • RAFTAR. Hmm. Might work.
      Oughta be able to skim at least 20%, right?

        • If I file the Paperwork you can do the Fundraising.
          You get 10% of what you raise…..

  4. Used to be that if you did a Google search for Black Lives Matter, the home page would take you to the official Whitehouse website.
    No joke, I actually checked. Before that, it took you to the website of the DNC.
    Looks like somebody is covering their ass now that a bunch of them got in legal trouble.

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