Mostly obvious to anyone who was paying attention

Was the economic cost worth it?

And when I say “anyone” I’m talking about those folks who can think…. who wasn’t a sheep that follows blindly what the “experts” (who were most obviously guessing) told them:

A new report led by a Johns Hopkins University economist found that overall, lockdowns reduced Covid mortality in the US and Europe – including Britain – by just 0.2 per cent.

But hey, we gotta listen to the “experts” amIrite? Bags of hot air who pontificate on things that they really don’t have a clue about….and this whole “Pandemic” demonstrated that for anyone who wants to see.

3 thoughts on “Mostly obvious to anyone who was paying attention

  1. Lemme find my shocked face, I have it around here somewhere… sigh

  2. Pardon me whilst I put on my “SURRISED!!!” face…

  3. Hold up … you’re linking an expert in order to discount other experts. Also, I seem to remember a study from about one year ago issued by … John Hopkins … basically saying the ‘vaxx’ is good for you.

    The thing about researchers is they speak of their latest findings as the be all, end all, as if they have arrived to the conclusion of the matter. Yet they will admit that ‘science’ is never finished, it is only the latest (most recent} in the never ending march towards knowledge and understanding.

    However, things have become so incredibly whacky that I would not be surprised to read the moon is actually made of green cheese. Graphs and charts to follow.

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