If you are old enough, you can remember the “Affirmative Action” programs and their like, when in the 70’s and 80’s and 90’s there was a big push, and lots of pressure on companies, to hire and promote black people and women into positions of greater responsibility, and hire black people/women/Vets to any position. There were quotas for many businesses as well.


Sadly for those folks who came after, the promotions and hirings were often done regardless of fitness or aptitude for the jobs that they were placed into. “Diversity Hire” became an excuse for incompetent people that were women and black……..in other words, “we had to hire a black person, or a woman, and so we did…. Sorry they can’t do the job, but we can’t fire them because they are a protected minority and it will screw up our quotas so we (and you) are stuck with them”.

This did a lot of damage to the image of blacks and women in the workplace, as one never knew whether the woman or black person that was supposed to be managing, or assisting, or whatever the job required was was actually competent, and whether they actually had the skills and qualifications for the job , had earned their way into the position, or had simply been appointed to fill the quota. Lots of people were, sadly, not competent in their field, and it made those who WERE competent look bad…..”did they get their position by experience and ability or because of the color of their skin or their body plumbing?” which often led to people dismissing as useless the perfectly qualified and competent folks because one never knew how they got their position….or assuming they would get substandard service or work because that person was female, or black, or some other minority….If anything, the pressure to hire and promote did, I think, more damage to the folks the program was designed to help….it likely set their image back many years.

Sadly, since Biden made such a big deal about appointing a Black Woman judge as a a Supreme Court Justice, we will never know if that person he appoints actually has the chops to do the job, the experience and competence and skills for it, or if they just fit the description of “Black and Female”.

I’d not want that hanging over my head were I a competent female Judge with dark skin. How would you like to have every person wonder how you got to the Supreme Court of the United States? Each person, even your peers and fellow judges wondering whether you’d earned your right to be in that position or had simply been appointed because you ticked the box of “black” and “woman”. To forever have your competency questioned?

Thus has Biden tainted the position he will soon appoint a (likely very competent person) to…..




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  1. It’s a shitty and bigoted way of appointing a Supreme Court Justice. Not exactly reaching for the stars. We may luck out, or it could be another McReynolds or Bushrod Washington.

  2. That this is a position on the court which had appointed itself the final arbiter of what is the law, I expect the loser (the winner too, although obviously would not push it) to have a rightful claim to overturn any decision by such a body composed by artificial construct. To wit; by what proper means is the decision arrived to when the members are selected by skin color. The decision is in error, forever subject to appeal until curing of the defect of the court.

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