Looks like things are heating up at the Canadian border

Seems that there is another protest happening, and that there are some lanes opened up at the original site after some negotiations.

Lots of people are coming and going, so there is still a lot of support amongst the Canadian people. I am told that there are deliveries of free food and hot drinks to the protesters.

Oddly, the American press has barely¬† mentioned this protest. Were it not for the internet, you’d never know that there is a protest at the border, that hundreds of trucks, thousands of people are blockading….that farmers have joined the protest. You’d never know that men and women have driven for hours to come and join the protest…essentially to sleep in their car in below freezing weather, with nor facilities, just to protest the vaccine mandates……Not by the mainstream print and broadcast media coverage here in the US you wouldn’t.


I predict this will end badly for the protesters. Trudeau and his masters will grow tired and impatient and he will decide that he doesn’t want to look bad and incompetent and powerless, and he will demand action and there will be violence.

But despite the attempts to minimize the news, people are aware.

One thought on “Looks like things are heating up at the Canadian border

  1. trudeau will look bad? too late. he bugged out to an “undisclosed location” b4 the trucks got to ottawa, won’t meet or even talk to them, called them every vile name in the libtard book. the rcmp is blockading the protesters in ottowa but helping them in the other provinces. this thing is growing. we may be seeing “canadian spring” . with luck we’ll see american spring. remember, arab spring was brought about only when the common worker couldn’t buy food for his family with a day’s wages. that day is coming to north america, soon. the idiots in dc won’t see it coming nor be able to make the right move when it happens. no wait. maybe they do see it coming, hence the new pivot to gun control. too little too late as usual, which is good for team patriot.

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