Funny how the Truckers jobs didn’t matter…..

Apparently Toyota is having to shut down Canadian production. The truckers are cauing the effect they wanted.

Toyota halts production at THREE Ontario plants after Freedom Convoy truckers block the Ambassador Bridge in protest at COVID mandates: Trudeau accuses drivers of ‘endangering jobs, impeding trade and threatening the economy’ 

SO shutting down the Toyota assembly line is a Bad Thing, but shutting down the truckers by mandating that they get “vaccinated” or not work was ok….


3 thoughts on “Funny how the Truckers jobs didn’t matter…..

  1. Them at the top have no idea of the organization and interactions that make things work.

    Note that Illegal Aliens are exempt and welfare dead weight is ignored. Almost as if the “universal” VAXX was designed to create openings and opportunities for their favorite “pets”. It is almost as if acute (short term) effects and chronic (long term) disabilities were the main objective of the entire vaccine operation. After all, useful and effective people are obviously “racists” standing in the way of the Progressives. Once they are gone, there will be plenty of dim serfs to keep the “nomenklatura” fat and happy in their new world. It “almost” worked in the Soviet Union. Some automation and toilet scrubbers and “this time it will work”.

  2. I’m betting there is some SERIOUS back and forth going on with Ottawa about now.

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