AAANND more support for the Freedom Protest

Seems that a bunch of folks, not truckers, decided to do a Slow Roll and clog up the lanes leading to and from the airport in Ottowa.

No law against driving around, and yet it shows how much support the anti-Trudeau-policies movement has.

The quiet resentment has been seething for a while. Even the Canadians are tired of the shit.

Amazing how much chaos such “Spontaneous” movements can cause, innit?

(yes, I know these are not spontaneous, but that is what the Left used to tell us when their people showed up at a protest with pre-printed signs and matching t-shirts, so if it was a good description then, it fits today too)

2 thoughts on “AAANND more support for the Freedom Protest

  1. one lady said in an on-the-street interview, ” trudeau has finally united the people, against him.”

  2. We need to do this here. It’s not just up to the truckers. It’s up to all of WE, THE PEOPLE!

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