I’ve got Two-Foot-Itis

or the aviation equivalent, anyway.


Two-Foot-Itis in boats is where the boat owner wants a boat that is just a bit bigger, has a bit more horsepower, etc.

I love my 340A. But I’d like a faster airplane that will carry more. Which means, really, upgrading to a turboprop….and there’s the rub.

Lots more fuel (like 2.5 ish times) to go from 200 knots to 280 or so knots. Bigger plane means higher hangar cost. Maintenance is probably a wash. Fuel cost per gallon is a bit less, but the engines take more per hour. Insurance is a big increase.

I’m trying to justify that to myself. On the one hand, I am a speed and performance freak, On the other, I am a cheap bastard.

I dunno. Right now I haz a serious case of the wants. We shall see.