That’s pretty much a “Fuck You”

The harder they squeeze, the more they recruit people against them.


Apparently, the Ottowa police told the citizens “Don’t you dare bring fuel to the truckers doing the blockade or we will arrest you”

The video speaks for itself. Not all those gas cans are full, bit not all are empty, either.



So we have cops getting nervous ’cause even the Canadian people (normally pretty polite and easygoing) are now defying the orders of the government….and the government is acting ever more totalitarian. The cops, like cops everywhere, follow orders, even when they know they are illegal orders or just plain morally wrong. But they follow orders. To expect them to do anything else is foolish.

One thought on “That’s pretty much a “Fuck You”

  1. the cops confiscated lots of those cans, judge made them give them back. the classy po po added water to each can first. its deeper than following orders, at least for the leadership. the ottawa police chief has political ambitions, so he’s out to squash these rebels with an iron fist. too bad he’s on the wrong side of history. i’ve reports of fair number of po po handing in their badges over this. we’ll see. this will be historic, either as the beginning of a new wave toward liberty, or the dying gasp of it. i think turdeau will go full tyrant and this will end badly. the truckers i hope realize that if they give up turdeau will hunt them down like dogs, their families too. the truckers, like the j6ers, have struck fear in the tyrants heart and made them look weak. that is an unforgivable sin and must not go unpunished, lest anyone else try it.

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