I mean, there’s breezy, there’s windy, and then there’s WINDY….


We are having WIND……. 50 knots. Now that is windy.

The good news is that the leaves are all moved around and most of the ones on the ground are elsewhere….and most of the ones that were still on the trees are no longer on the trees.

The bad news is that the forecast was for 15-20 knots so I had not secured the trash cans. My trash may be in another county now, which irks me greatly.


The winds aren’t unusual for December…..But we had a thunderstorm on Friday evening…which is unusual for December…..

But hey, Klimate Change, amIrite?

One thought on “WIndy

  1. I’m working on a wind farm project in central Illinois and had a wind reading on my crane Friday at 10 pm of 78 mph.

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