I think I’m gonna get my covid shot

They’ve convinced me that it is a good idea.

I mean, the Social Pressure…All those ads….. I think it is time.




















Nah, just messin’ with ya.

Not a fuckin’ chance in hell that’s gonna happen.


4 thoughts on “I think I’m gonna get my covid shot

  1. I started reading this and thought, “He can’t be serious, there’s just no way he’d do it.” And then the blank space went on and I wondered, “Well, maybe something REALLY bad happened.” And then I reached the truth. Whew.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Have to wonder why they are pushing the “jab”. I first thought that someone had a scam to skim the proceeds. Since the “mandates” are directed at productive [mostly] workers and excludes “Illegals” and “Welfare Queens”, I suspect that it is a way to remove useful people so there will be more “room” for the marginal and otherwise useless “pets” of the “elite”. The Leftist fantasy is that anyone can do any job, so why not make opportunities for the useless by getting rid of many “Deplorables”. That is paranoia but makes more sense than any other rationale. So what if their “enemies” are crippled by strokes or auto-immune disease.

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