Well, that’s different because…..!

So I have a “Lets Go Brandon” (FJB) sticker on my car….(alongside the “Fueled by recycled Dinosaurs” sticker). It is my low key protest against President DeMentia and his policies, and also a slam against the Media who thinks they can tell us what to think….


And yesterday, while at the grocery store, I came out to find some fat, Liberal, (I think) woman standing behind my car….waiting to tell me off for having the “Brandon” sticker.

“That is disrespectful of our President” she informed me….

I looked over at HER car, parked directly behind mine…..actually blocking me in.

“What about the First Amendment?” I enquired sweetly, as I opened the back hatch and loaded groceries.

“HES THE PRESIDENT!!” she shot back hotly. (and by hotly, I mean angrily as there was nothing hot about this overweight, doughy blob of a woman (I think)).

“So it only matter when you approve…I mean, insulting the President?” I asked.

She looked at me, I pointed to HER sticker which said “Fcuk Trump!” in gold on a red background in 6 inch high letters. (among a whole slew of other “Liberal”  and Feminist  messages)

“That’s Different” she spluttered.

“Move yer fat cow-like ass and your car too, sweetie, or it’s gonna get another dent in the side”. With that I closed the door and started the engine.

She moved. Which is good for both of us…I don’t need a claim on my insurance and the resultant hassle. By her disheveled look  and the condition of her car she is either unemployed or working for a Non-Profit and can’t afford another accident on her car….


I’m actually surprised that she had the courage to tell me off rather than do something cowardly like key the sticker off the car or something like that while I was inside shopping. Leftist are generally only brave in groups and when they outnumber their opponents.

But it’s funny, innit, how the Liberal standards of behavior change so greatly, depending on the outrage of the day, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Well, that’s different because…..!

  1. sigh… no surprise here. And you’re right. They WILL go after you if they have you outnumbered.

  2. Guys there is no avoiding the reality of it. Take those stickers off your car, B. Or at some point, it WILL get vandalized as NFO posits. That is how they roll. And the brutal reality of it is that at length, we will have to do what they do to us: break their toys, slash their tires, and beat the hell out of the odd leftie flunky as a warning to the others.

    For the record, I don’t like it either.

  3. Glen:
    I’ll not hide in fear. They cannot silence me with the possible threat that they might find the courage to do something petty.
    You may think it is better to hide in silence….I do not.

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