Thank You

To all Veterans.

I appreciate your service and sometimes the sacrifices you make….. Time away from home, discomfort, sleeplessness, exhaustion, stress, fear, frustrations, etc.

Thank you for your Service.

4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Your statement about the sacrifices describe the life of a truck driver to a “T”. The biggest difference is that truck drivers don’t get lifetime access to free medical services, special days of national recognition, and all the other taxpayer benefits afforded to veterans.

    • Feel free to stop driving that truck any time.

      Not the same and the fact that you choose to compare the two says lots about your character.

      • You know, if truck drivers took your advice, they would be missed a lot more than most of the military. Unless of course you are a corporation who depends on the military to create projects to steal from the tax paying Americans.

        • Yer entitled to your opinion. But not here. Start your own blog if you can’t show some respect. Sorry you feel underappreciated.

          Don’t make me ban you.

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