I always wanted to see Australia


But, sadly, the government’s reaction to the Covid issue….and more importantly, the citizens of that country and their acquiescence to the government’s lockdown have made me decide that I really can take that off my bucket list of places to visit and experience.

Sad, really. I wanted to see the country.


ETA: I had always believed that the Australians were rugged, individualistic, and as freedom loving as US citizens. A heritage that bred strong people, not slaves to government nannies. Apparently, I was incorrect.



3 thoughts on “I always wanted to see Australia

  1. Nope…you Australians have apparently given your souls to the Government. Even fearful Liberal American’s haven’t acquiesced as far as you Aussies.
    WTF happened to you people???

  2. Hi B, I am US. I agree with what you have said of the Australians and it wounds my heart. I just wonder what has become of us, which hurts even more.

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