Was there ever really any doubt?

Seems the Newsom “won” his recall election.

Was there really any doubt? What with the early voting, unverified mail-in voting, and all the other shenanigans, is anyone really surprised that this whole thing was simply Election Theater with Taxpayer money?

If you are surprised, then you apparently aren’t paying attention.

Thing is, I don’t know if the win by Newsom was legit or not, any more than Biden’s win less than a year ago was legit (or not). I do know that the system as it exists is ripe for opportunities for fraud. I do know that if we don’t have elections where we can trust the results, our governments become more and more illegitimate in the eyes of the citizens. This won’t end well.


2 thoughts on “Was there ever really any doubt?

  1. Reverend!

    I live out here under the control of the faggot king, and have never been able to find anyone who voted for him. NOT.ONE.PERSON. All of a sudden there’s a recall, and the light-loafered pretty boy wins hands down. This is what you get when you encourage as many people to go on food stamps and get onto welfare as possible. This is what you get when you dinner-bell in as many bums as you can. After that, all you have to say is “Vote for me, or your free stuff goes away.” End of story…

    Notice that the cameltoe VP has been invisible for months, has done thing zero as “border tsar,” but was able to get out to CA on a moment’s notice to stump for the fairy queen…

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