On the one hand, I agree with Joe

In that there is no reason to keep troops in Afghanistan if the Afghani army and people won’t defend their own country.


On the other hand, and more importantly, it appears that if there are 3 mistakes that the Biden folks have not made in this debacle, no one can think of what they are.

Typical Liberal thinking demonstrated here: Wish things would be a certain way and Hope that they happen, without a real plan, or forethought, or any real basis in reality.

This is a sad embarrassment to our country and a devastating betrayal of those Afghanis who worked it and supported the invasion and occupation.


ETA: Having said the above, any Afghani who did not make plans to leave the country, or who has not moved family and assets out of the country starting 6 months ago is a fool. I won’t go so far as to say they deserve what they are getting, but it was obvious that the end result of the US leaving would be bad…..

7 thoughts on “On the one hand, I agree with Joe

  1. …And all of those fools are now on airplanes bound for the Untied States… What could possibly go wrong here?…

  2. thousands of americans are still there.yes, stupid, maybe greedy, but we will see them dragged thru the streets and lgbtq imported by the state dept crew will be tossed from rooftops on live tv and the world will see. this should not have happened. people forget joe biden abandoned the vietnamese in ’75, and the kurds too. i have many friends deploying in the next three months. i told every one to have a plan to self evac, and backups.

    • Not just the Americans, my friend. ANYONE (especially those Afghanis who were employed by the US) who wants out right now should have been prescient enough to have made plans and/or depart once Biden became President and announced the withdrawal.

  3. I hate to see any country go under Muslim domination.

    But in the end, it’s up to the Afghan people.

    • goes to show what a small determined force can do while the rest sit on their ass.

  4. Don’t be surprised if rag heads start flying planes through your skyscrapers again is all I gotta say.

    Joe has just pished away any tactical means of dealing with that if it happens.

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