But that is true of almost every case of covid….

CBS News:

“Almost everyone who died or had serious complications from Covid after vaccinations has a serious underlying medical condition”.

Strangely, that is true of nearly everyone, “Vaccinated” or not…..Almost everyone who dies or has serious complications has some sort of serious additional health issue.


Odd, the similarities, aren’t they?

1 thought on “But that is true of almost every case of covid….

  1. I know one person who has died of Chinkypox. Diabetes.

    I know one person who ended up in the hospital due to Chinkypox. Compromised immune system. Her husband and daughter also tested positive but were asymptomatic.

    I know several people who tested positive for Chinkypox. Sneezed and coughed for a few days, then back to work.

    Hardly the “doomsday” being portrayed on the MSM…

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