I fully expect that Slow Joe took their advice….

I mean, now that the US is out of Afghanistan, one can expect that the Chinese will soon be exerting influence.

Bet on it.

And since Slow Joe and his family are indebted to, and financed by, the ChiComs, I fully expect that not only was the choice to pull out, but also the timing, driven by “suggestions” from the Chinese Party.


2 thoughts on “I fully expect that Slow Joe took their advice….

  1. i’m more concerned for the western civilians left holding the bag. shelter in place? does he think this is a passing thunderstorm. i fully expect to see americans paraded thru kabul streets to be publicly executed. but only after joe pays them millions in ransom. amateurs, children playing games that never grew up. how many lgbtq state dept flunkies will the taliban toss off the roof of the embassy? and once again we’ve shown it doesn’t pay to be an ally. donny rumsfeld strikes again, the gift that keeps on giving. i still say he and cheney were involved in jfk. and for the record i did not kill myself.

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