I need a tire machine

‘Cause trying to re-seat a tire on a rim using two bars is getting a bit harder for me than what it was a few years ago.

Yeah, I rolled the front tire of the tractor off the rim. out in  muddy area… pulled it off the tractor in the field, and took it home and used bars to put the tire back on the rim. I’m gettin’ to old for this shit, I tell ya.

Sadly, the bead is damaged and I could not get it to seal.

Off to the tire store tomorrow morning.

I really need to get a tire machine or at least a holder so I don’t have to do this on the ground standing on the tire.

6 thoughts on “I need a tire machine

  1. Try giving it a shot of starting fluid light it should blow it back on the bead probably a video on you tube

    • Oh, I got it on the bead no problem once I got the tire back on the rim with the bars. Pulled the valve and used an airgun to put air into the tire quickly and the bead mated right up to the rim. The problem is that the bead is damaged and so won’t seal. I have enough leakage that it loses 40 lbs in an hour….so a new tire is in the works.
      And I have used ether for that before, but it is a last resort. It can be…messy at times.

  2. Harbor freight sells them. For as often as a guy really needs one it would be worth getting and mounting on a sheet of plywood.

  3. Sorry I misunderstood your problem 10-4 on starting fluid being messy. Grandpa taught us that trick at a young age but growing up on the farm snowflakes weren’t allowed. Look up aircraft landing tires for tractors I put them on the front of my tractor because of the black locust thorns so far they are working great

  4. Had a guy come out & filled my tractor tires with some kind of foam, 10 yrs ago. Haven’t had a problem with the tires since.

    • I’d be interested in that.

      A real tractor or a lawn tractor?

      If you know the name of the foam or process, please let me know.

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