Is it about mileage revenue? Or about privacy?

Seems that the new “Infrastructure Bill” has lots of (surprise!) non infrastructure funding in it….Like the one that will start a pilot program for tracking your vehicle so that a per mile fee can be assessed.

Some see this as a method of taxing private transportation out of existence, and this is possible….But unlikely.

I believe it is more about tracking you. One can leave one’s personal tracker (that cell phone in your pocket or purse) at home (gee, officer, I forgot it at home) but if the powers that be can track your car, then you have no way to not be tracked…Public transportation already has (in most instances) facial recognition at the terminals, and, while there are license plate readers on most major highways, these can be bypassed with different routes.

Your car, if it is less than 10 years old, already tracks you, but that can be bypassed with the pull of a fuse to shut down the infotainment system that controls the GPS…..but maybe not so much if there is a mandated-by -the-Federal-government tracker on your car….

So you can be private, if you work at it….right now. But not if the government funds research to allow your car to be tracked.


3 thoughts on “Is it about mileage revenue? Or about privacy?

  1. Here we go again… This is being ‘driven’ by the left coast for tax purposes and to get ‘old’ cars off the roads (like classic cars).

  2. There’s gotta be an antenna in the mix somewhere that can be shielded with tin foil…

  3. I called Sen Young’s office since he was once of the 17 Republicans who voted to send this thing forward and let him know that it’s time to pump the brakes and take a look at this clusterbomb. I might have mentioned that we’re past the days of ‘you have to vote for it to see what’s in it.’ Since the House is on recess, it can’t go anywhere, so what’s the hurry.

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