Almost like someone is orchestrating the message….

Have ya noticed?


The story is everywhere, even when the statistics don’t match the message….and all the same, even to the language they use.


“Covid Cases Climbing!!!” ….200 percent increase in cases! (where it went from, say 12 to 25)

“Hospitals Overwhelmed again” When the number of cases has, of course, doubled from 15 to 30 (200 percent of last week!), and total cases are well below the levels of last year, and Intensive care cases are at about 10% of peak…..and ventilator use is less than 5 % of peak….I just can’t see how that meets the definition of “Overwhelmed”…..

“Unvaccinated people causing spread of Delta variant”….yet over 30% of the new cases are already-vaccinated people…..and they are the ones who can have it and asymptomatically spread the Covid. rather than most of the unvaccinated….who are at least mildly symptomatic….making the statement be partially a lie.

I am trying to figure out why whoever it is that wants everyone “Vaccinated” wants it so badly? Badly enough that someone is organizing the message to “get vaccinated” even to using the same wording in multiple locations and on multiple news media outlets….Chicago, New York, LA, Atlanta…different outlets yet the exact same wording of the message….and, ultimately, essentially untrue reporting….no “:surge” no “Overwhelmed Hospitals”, etc.

Someone is pushing the message, and for a reason….and forcing this coverage must cost… why?