So they must have expected him to run for President

So they chose to validate the claims of Sexual Harassment by Governor Cuomo…

And, of course, the Big Media has the emotional Propaganda Machine in high gear to make sure he looks bad.

Look: I don’t like the dude, and I think he is a slimeball…and I really don’t know if he is guilty or not…..having said that, Why now for the allegations to come up?

7 thoughts on “So they must have expected him to run for President

  1. Could be the long-simmering war between the Os and the Ozarks is heating up for ’24. Andy has long been one of the Park Avenue Hillbillies. He may have been seen their ticket back to the big time.

    The Os OTOH are nominally in charge, but they’re making a mess of things to a point that Trump’s reinstatement may turn out to be a real thing. Remember, Zippy’s always had the touch of lead, not gold.

  2. The plan is simple. Boot Cuomo so that Hochul can settle in for a couple of years before the next gubernatorial election, thus giving her a record and name recognition to run on.

  3. Because they probably focus grouped it and found it better to have this out front than him ordering the deaths of some 10,000 expensive old people.

    • +1 on comment above. Far worse to be branded a collaborator for murder of COVID victims. There are several politicians with this same claim as well – they don’t need a snowball effect.

      Surprised to hear nothing from #MeToo crowd. Crickets.

  4. somebody wants him gone, and since the Department of inJustice decided not to pursue anything with the thousands of deaths the nursing home orders caused, this is the next thing in line to attack him with

  5. Of course he did it, B. Don’t be naive. You have to look at the people and the Democrat political machine. Why should a person be thrown out just because they are pedos or serial rapists? The vast majority of those guys are where they are because they are pervs and can be blackmailed and controlled by wealthy oligarchs. The Republicans are rotten with them too.

    The only reason this one is getting thrown to the wolves is that he isn’t playing ball with TPTB. Ya don’t play ball… the liberal women will come crawling out of the woodwork to accuse you of sin. Or the homos. Or the race whores.

    Cuomo is making a power play, the senior management doesn’t like it, and he won’t back down. Release the hounds, end of story.

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