I mean, we’d have Kamala as President…..Kneepads and all.

I expected that this would have happened about two months hat, but I do expect that it will happen that Joe’s cognitive issues will show up more and more….for sure it will become an issue by the end of 2021.

Perhaps even this is the reason for the renewed Covid panic mongering.


5 thoughts on “Scary….

  1. I have said this since the beginning. If I were them…I would have Joe resign or be removed right after the Mid-Term election. If he doesnt go peacefully they will allow the arrest of Hunter.
    1) Any election losses or problems can be blamed on Joe. You wait until after the election so it isnt Kamalas fault
    2) Normally a person can only be President for 8 years. However if they wait until after the Mid-Terms…under those conditions Kamala can serve for up to 10 years instead of 8. So work it so she has the potential to be there for 9 yrs and 11 months. She can run from the White House. Giving her a huge advantage as she begins her campaign. The first Woman President “Deserves” a chance to show how she can fix things. ( Playing a race card and a gender card she will have the nomination easily.

  2. The people controlling the country need Biden to remain in office for 2 years. After Klamydia is appointed to the Presidency she can then be “elected” to 2 full terms.
    IAW the 22nd Amendment.
    The Constitution may effectively be a dead letter in practice but, for now, TPTB have to adhere to the form or face widespread revolt.

    • You two may be right as to what they WANT to happen. But can they keep Joe lucid long enough to do so?
      We all know that Joe was just a vehicle for Kamala. But he has to make it the two years for that to happen. And she has to be elected TWICE. Will they have enough Fraud to make that happen?

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