So what is the goal?

The Covid infections are rising…..or so they say. Most government (State, Local and Federal) are NOT giving us data, just percentages now….Which makes me suspicious.

A “200 percent rise” in cases might mean from 2 to 4, or 100 to 200, but without any numerical data one cannot ell if that rise is serious or not….and theya ren’t giving us the data. The media makes it sound scary, but, again, no hard data.

I am suspicious, truly. The TV news implies that this is a greater danger and that the hospitals are more full than the way thins were a year ago….which is pretty hard to believe.

Plus, there is this…(not that it is news, the news is that they are now more or less admitting it)….anyone who bothered to try and learn knew that the testing was pretty much a useless thing the way they were using the test and the number of cycles they were running….But those of us who said so a year ago  were shouted down.

So what is the goal of this new propaganda campaign ?

2 thoughts on “So what is the goal?

  1. aye, there lies the rub. but if Europe is any indicator, this may backfire on them spectacularly. i’m waiting to get the order to mask up, i work at a school, which i will refuse. no more bullshit masks. no more bullshit anything. i will force their hand, one way or another. figure i get it on paper, then wrap them up in lawsuits. or they lay me off n draw unemployment. my turn, i worked this whole plandemic while everybody else got cash to sit on their asses. not that i’ll be sitting on it mind you. wish me luck.

  2. Maybe there is no goal, B?

    I have noticed that the vast majority of people on the Covid crazy train are women. (Comrade Misfit sends her regards). The plague appeals to women because they are fascists and socialists by nature, and they crave the drama. With Covid, they can pose as beleaguered and brave victims (Misfit), and brave heroes like the dancing fattie nurses on the ER doing tik tok vids. The Karen’s revel in competing to be the best at following the rules that get ever more ridiculous and hysterical. Stuff like this is just women acting like women, and demonstrates handily why your founding fathers denied them the vote. Until they are brought under control this lunacy will continue.

    They make for a lucrative market for our ruling class to exploit too. Fact is, after over a year of this… my beer and popcorn supply is starting to run low…

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