Why won’t you get the covid shot?

Well, I don’t trust it….Not eve now that half the country has been injected.

I don’t trust the people who say it is safe.

Those are the people that told us that other treatments like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were ineffective, even when studies showed otherwise…and those drugs are being used to good effect in India right now.

Those are the people that told us thre was no reason to close our borders early….and then, when it was too late, cried that the borders hadn’t been closed….(playing politics with people’s lives makes me untrustful….)

These are the people that told us that they had investigated the origins of the virus, and assured us it came from bats from 200 miles from the “wet market” where people bought them and then ate them….despite the fact that the people in the area where the bats originated from didn’t get the disease….and assured me that this could have nothing to do with the bioweapons lab that existed nearby. These same people told us that the virus could nto have escaped from the lab, even accidentally,,,,And that the fact that the lab we studying the Coronavirus was coincidence….but that the lab had not been weaponizing working to “gain of function” it.

Now we find that pretty much all of the above paragraph is a lie….(not that that is a surprise). and it appears that these people are working for China as much (or more) than for the United States and her citizens.

The advice and information from the people that tell me that the Covid Jab is safe has so far been more , shading the tuth, and otherwise politicized information aimed to either hide the truth or to mitigate public anger towards China or our own Federeal Government people who are supposed to protect us (not China).

I should believe these people?

6 thoughts on “Why won’t you get the covid shot?

  1. My 50 year old son-in-law took the Moderna jab a month ago . He has been having fits and seizures ever since . Fainting and uncontrolled shaking . Besides that I have a bottle of Ivomec out in the barn I use for mites on the critters and covid on old Bob the Boomerman .

  2. The “vaccine” is being played for maximum political wampum, and maximum profit for those manufacturing the drugs. Those two things alone make me distrustful. The other thing is the “vaccine’s” haphazard road to market. My question to anyone considering the jab is “Would you get onto an airplane that was rushed to market like this “vaccine?”

    COVID is NOT tetanus. COVID is NOT Typhoid Fever. COVID is NOT Polio. As such, I’ll take my chances… with my freedoms intact… Oh; and Yankee Stadium; you sell something that no one actually needs. My gut tells me that if you want to segregate the “unvaccinated,” you’ll most likely be the only loser, as most unvaccinated Yankee fans will give you two words, one finger and walk away… New Yorkers have no problem doing this!

    For those who say “Trust the SCIENCE,” it’s not the science I don’t trust, but the SCIENTISTS!

  3. It is not a vaccine. It is gene therapy and an experimental drug. Humans are the lab rats. Pass

  4. When it comes off EUA and is actually ‘approved’… Then take it.

    • Even then I won’t get the shot for the same reason I never get a flu shot. The risk of me getting sick is minimal to me.

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