They think less of them, apparently

the impact that overdraft fees have on Black and Latino households, which are historically poorer than their white counterparts and are hit with overdraft fees more often

So Black and brown people can’t manage their finances, so we will remove the incentive to not overdraw your account in the interest of appearing non-racist…..

Another way to look at it is that they believe that Black (and brown) people are too stupid to handle their finances. And too stupid to follow the rules that the rest of us learn to follow.


Me, I think it is more a cultural thing…..and that some folks will (and some won’t) learn to follow the rules…no matter what their level of melanin or ancestry. To claim that a practice like bank fees or fees for not paying your car registrtion “Disporoprtianately impacts people of color” doesn’t mean it is racist….

One thought on “They think less of them, apparently

  1. So who ‘really’ gets penalized? Let me guess who’s going to end up paying all those fees…

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