Kinda sad day

Yesterday I turned the plane over to it’s new owner.


Nice to see his enthusiasm as we went over systems and he prepared to fly his new (to him) off into the skies for his journey home.

Sad though….it was MY first plane. Kinda sorry to let it go.

But it is just a plane…aluminum and rivets and such.

And the market for 182’s is high right now. Even after the money I put into the plane (some repairs and having the cylinders done, ADSB transponder, etc)….I came out WAY ahead.

Essentially, I have flown for the past 3 years for free, even including fuel, hangarage, and insurance.

But I was sad watching it take off without me.


3 thoughts on “Kinda sad day

  1. With that kind of return, how could you afford to sell it?

  2. How could I afford NOT to sell it? The market is cyclic, and I sold at the higher end of the upswing. 182’s are high right now

    Besides, I am gonna upgrade to a 340, so I need the cash. Might as well get out while the pricing is high for 182’s

  3. Odd, how a machine can become a part of you. ‘Kinda like a Jeep… I don’t know what it is about my Jeep. I bought it on a whim years ago… AT A YARD SALE… I can’t see myself getting rid of it… I own the Jeep and a “commuter.” The commuter is efficient. The Jeep… the Jeep is me…

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