What a joke.

It commemorates the end of slavery in Texas, NOT the emancipation proclamation. (I have heard many people, black and white.say that it commemorates the latter, not the former)

The best part though? The actual date is June 19th…but this is a moveable holiday, so this year, we celebrate it a day early. Note: The FIRST “Juneteenth”  isn’t even celebrated on Juneteenth….You know, really it is just an excuse to give Federal workers a day off.

If it were really a revered and special holiday, it’s date would be fixed, like Christmas, or Independence Day…. not moveable for the convenience of Federal employees. It could have had meaning and reverence and been something special…but it isn’t and it hasn’t.

In other words, it is a joke.

One thought on “Juneteenth:

  1. it is virtue signalling to the blm crowd, plain n simple. but hey, i get a day off so…but they took lee/jackson day. i still take that day anyway just for spite. just like i salute the spot stonewall’s statue once stood every morning when i pass by.

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