And, once again, not white people causing a gun problem

But the media has done nearly everything they can to avoid telling us the real source of the problem….or the race of the perpetrators.


All they do is sensationalize the fact that it was “Gun Violence”. If you took the black on black gun violence out of the picture then the amount of deaths from “Gun Violence” would be miniscule…on the order of deaths from poodles.


8 thoughts on “And, once again, not white people causing a gun problem

  1. add New Orleans to the holiday weekend, gtr hit a party and killed a 12 yr old girl. Pedo Joe is to deliver a speech to ‘honor’ the 100th anniversary of a slaughter in Tulsa. can’t wait to hear what Bejing Biden has to say. prep and pray, the end has arrived

  2. It’s not a gun problem.
    It’s a criminal problem.

    It’s not “gun” violence.
    It’s violence.

    Recommend you edit your post title to NOT use the terms our enemy uses to distort the truth.

    • Thanks for the reccomendation.
      But in the end, it is how they define it that I am refuting…it isn’t everyone, it is a very specific subset of our population.

  3. THe person who exited the left, rear door was either a midget, a young adolescent or a very petite woman. My bet is young adolescent, maybe one getting his wings as a gang-banger.

  4. I lived in the Miami area for three years; a true 3rd World country within our borders. A black kid in a neighborhood near where we lived put blingy rims on his Continental. His friend, another black kid, liked the rims so much, he stole them. Then his five brain cells kicked in and he realized the friend whose rims he stole would instantly recognize the rims on his car… so he killed the friend. This is the reality, folks…

    That shooting in Hialeah was a gang hit, plain and simple. No amount of “gun” control would have stopped it. To everyone who tells me “America would be better off disarmed,” I say the same thing; “Look at Mexico, and say that to me with a straight face again.”

    • I know it, and you know it, but the media and the liberals won’t admit it. hHose who point it out, even the black ones, are trashed, excoriated, doxxed, and otherwise caused much harm.

      All we can do is point out the obvious until the liberals and the Media admit where the problem is. Anything more and they will make your life hell.

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