I guess his life didn’t matter

‘Cause he was white….no one cared all that much.

So this dude in Porter County, Indiana got crosswise with the local county po-po….and eventually ended up shot and later died.

No protests, no demonstrations, no riots, no looting, no burning. Dude was apparently a less than stellar individual, who was well known to the cops. Created a disturbance, got the cops involved, fired a shot and hid in his home. When the cops entered, he was holding a firearm and was apparently ready to use it on the cops…..it ended predictably.

And it didn’t make national news, apparently because he was white, rather than more melanin enhanced.Fucked around and found out, essentially. The Media didn’t make a big deal about it, and, other than his immediate friends and family, No One Cared. Where are the Social Justice warriors? The calls for the dsimantling of the Porter Country Sheriiffs office? The cries of Racism because the cops shot a man who can’t follow the rules of society?

Funny how that works, innit?