An oddity in reporting

(Ok, not really an oddity)


So it would seem that two “aisian women” were attacked when they closed their liquor store.…a man came in and beat them with some sort of brick.


Now, This is not that unusual, really. Crime happens in the big city all the time. The Media, of course, is quick to point out that this is “Asian Hate”….which it might well be….again, the fact that some parts of our citizenry dislike the Korean and vietnamese shpokeepersĀ  in their neighborhood is nothing new…..also the folks from India and Pakistan as well.

The inconsistency is that the Media, while quick to point out the race of the victims, does not tell us the race of the attacker….whio is black. (over 85% of the perpetrators of this sort of attack are black).

It is almost as if they were hiding it or something.

3 thoughts on “An oddity in reporting

  1. Just like any pol that gets caught… If they’re Pubs, that’s the lede, if they’re Dems, it’s buried, if even mentioned…

  2. There’s a definite pattern in failing to report that particular characteristic of the attackers in these highly publicized attacks. Reporting it , considering the perpetrators are not exactly Trump supporters, would harm the narrative that ths is Trump’s fault for calling the Wuhan coronavirus the China virus.

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