Gonna happen again….and end badly

Seems that some (reportedly BLM) protesters were marching down a Louisville steet and decided to hassle and threaten some folks who were just eating at a restaurant.The protesters were reportedly armed.

One patron of the restaurant pullled his piece and there was a standoff…luckily, no shots were fired.

Apparently, people have had enough…at least some people have…

Protesters who think they can hassle and threaten people with impunity take note: You can’t, at least not in places where folks can go armed. It is one thing to hassle people who are disarmed, another to do it where people can fight back…..

I fear that at some point soon, there are gonna be dead protesters and some poor sclub who defends himself or his family from an apparent threat is gonna get crucified in the press and (likely) by a prosecutor who wants to make a name for himself with the Liberal crowd.

4 thoughts on “Gonna happen again….and end badly

  1. I “get” that people have roots and don’t want to leave their homes in the city.
    I get “denial” and “sunk-cost” arguments. I get paradigms-as-filters to reduce cognitive noise.
    What I don’t get are grown men (yeah, it is a male thing) who refuse to write a list of conditions required to trigger a bail-out.
    They are going to be frogs slowly brought to a boil.
    -Police and EMTs not responding to certain areas of the city should be on the list. No telling where you might be when you have a coronary event.
    -Violence and intimidation that targets “otherwise neutral zones” like restaurants and roads open to the general public should be on the list.
    -Loss of basic services like functional roads, convenience stores and utilities should be on the list.
    Your mileage WILL vary. You have to write your own list and you have to decide if it is separated with .AND. or .OR.

  2. B, to many people, what you are describing is a feature, not a bug. Worse yet, they may call it part of the plan.
    When most video starts, it appears that he’s already drawn his NAA Mini and there are only one or two chuckleheads trying to get near him (and being held back). From the standpoint of a self defender this is a successful outcome because rather than beating him, they are now filming and jawing at him. He even could even articulate a reasonable fear for his life if he were in court. (As much as reasonable matters now, I don’t know.)

    But the rio…excuse me…protesters have still won because they are getting video of him pointing a gun and jawing back at them. They will scour the net for his identity so they can fix, harass, and otherwise make his life miserable as an example to others of how unwise it is to resist their demands. If he had fired (and survived a sound beating with his empty 5 shot .22). They would do the same while also ruining his life with lawyers.

    We had all best watch these tactics and draw what lessons we can from them.

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