1 in five

Seems that 20% of the folks in Kalifornia who switched from gasoline to electric vehicles have switched BACK to gasoline…..

CIted were the hassle of charging, range axiety and other charging related issues.

Oddly, we don’t hear about those issues when people tout electric cars…


One wonders how many other people would change┬áback, except that they ahve so much money tied into ther Teslas or other vehicles…and somply can’t affor to change, or already HAVE another vehicle to drive daily and simply don’t use their “Green” vehicle except to impress others.


One thought on “1 in five

  1. I split the difference; I bought a used Chevy Volt. I’m a Conservative in Commiefornia, so my decision was strictly economic. My commute used to cost me 5 gallons of gas… per day… It costs around $2.50 to charge the Volt. That charge will get me to work with about ten miles left on the battery. My company has chargers on campus, so I plug in when I get there. Another $2.50 gets me home. Gas is sitting at around $4.00/gallon here. $5.00 gets me 75 miles of driving. If the battery runs dry, the engine starts and serves simply as a generator to run the electric motors. Engine running, I get around 35 MPG; not bad for a midsize car. My engine hasn’t started in almost 1000 miles of driving.

    I would NEVER buy an electric-only vehicle! Range anxiety, my ass! What happens when Edison does one of its wildfire “safety shutdowns” and you arrive at work with a depleted battery. Aside from that, if Tesla can do “Over The Air” updates on their cars, what’s to keep TPTB from doing an OTA SHUTDOWN of electric cars??? Talk about corralling the sheep!
    Lessee; Biteme want to have your heat, your stove, your car, your whatever, hanging on a SINGLE ENERGY PROVIDER. Can we spell “STUPID,” boys and girls?…

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