45 shot

In Chicago, in one weekend. 5 dead. some are KIDS…shot while walking down the street.

Possibly another 3 will die. (the hospitals in Chicago are great Trauma training, and may be the best in the world for gunshot wounds but they can only do so much….)

All on the South and West sides…..so most are black.

Many of the shot are apparently random shootings….

Yet Black Lives Matter is silent….cause it ain’t cops shooting career criminals who are resisting arrest and who happen to be black…It is black people shoooting other black people. Killeing other black people.

And the BLM folks are just saying nothing….

3 thoughts on “45 shot

  1. Yep it’s considered completely unremarkable, After all, BLM does not consider those lives to matter as no political points can be scored nor a ghetto lottery to be won.

    There were, based on The Detroit Scanner Facebook page, which listens to the Detroit emergency services radio reports apparently a whole bunch of shootings in Detroit this weekend. None made the pages of either the Detroit News nor the Detroit Free Press. Looks like it is going to be a very violent summer in Detroit.

  2. Sigh… I’m really not surprised anymore. Agendas drive the MSM and the left. And saving actual lives IS NOT on their agenda, because that doesn’t bring in any money.

  3. So, Mr B, how does that compare to the number of shots fired by the people protesting the election irregularities in Washington D.C. on January 6?

    How about body count? How many people did the protesters murder on January 6?

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