Thought for Sunday:

So the Liberals, the Democrats, and the Mainstream Media (but I repeat myself…thrice) all are telling us that the color of one’s skin matters when interacting with Police…

I would posit that instead, it is as The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King wished it…What matters more is the Content of one’s Character….

How one acts towards others (espeically the police)…how one acts in general (don’t be a career criminal). Character matters, I think, more than race. Lots of people of all colors and races interact with police every day. Most don’t act stupid and, oddly, survive the encounter. Some don’t behave (white and black and others) , and even then, most survive….but some don’t behave, resist, and get shot or otherwise mangled in the act of being subdued for arrest.

It comes down to, again, CHARACTER. Be a classless criminal, and one has a higher chance of getting shot. Be a jerk when pulled over and that sets the tone of the interaction….Be a criminal and have a warrant, and one is likely to be arrested. Resist when being arrested and the chance goes up again. Keep resisting, and it goes up even higher.

It is seldon a fine, upstanding, model citizen that gets shot by cops, no matter what their race.


Character matters.

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